Objective: Record historical and current events in one’s Life and to link those events with others who also shared the event. Expand those events into a Chronilogical Circle of connections, or a Kronircle.

More than a Diary, Kronircle is a factual record of your life and connected events. A connected event is when your time and place matches with that of another Chronicler. Unlike the average social networking sites, Kronircle is a Chronicle of your life for you, your family and friends.

Entering a Tweet or a Blog about what you're thinking is NOT an event. Seeing a Musical Concert, climbing Mount Everest, hitting a hole in one, running a marathon or just meeting a friend for coffee is an event.

Imagine recording an Historical event and finding connections with others that were there at the same time and place as you? You can choose whether to contact other Chroniclers at the same event or not. Perhaps you were at a music concert or present at an historicial event like the fall of the Berlin wall, now you can see who else was there!

Kronircle can also be used by Companies, Clubs, Museums or anyone wishing to record or track their events that are important to them. A company can add events related to their business, achievements, milestones, promotions or products. By setting a Chapter's security to Public, the events within the Chapter can be found by Search engines such as Google.

Anyone or anything can be chronicled: ships, cars, pets, artefacts, companies, buildings, bridges, houses or whatever has history!

How you use Kronircle is really only limited by your imagination!


Chapter - A Chapter is a short summary of common events within a certain time period and location. One or more Chapters make up a Life’s History. Chapters and associated Event logs can only be viewed via by the Chronicler’s logon or other Chroniclers if allowed via acceptance of a Connection Request.

Events (logs) – Individual logs of information depicting what occurred on a certain date, time and location. One or more Events make up a Chapter.

Connections – Event Logs can have a connection with someone else’s Event Log. For example, people at the same Music Concert will see a connection when they record the event and specify the date plus location address of the concert. If everyone that was at the concert records the event, then all can connect with one another and review each event about the concert, individual profile security permitting. Event Connections are automatically shown via the number of connections for the event.

Connection Request- A Chronicler can send a Request to view another Chroniclers event logs in one of the following Categories:

Event Log Connection
Can view only the Connected Events (Must become a Friend to see all)
Can view only the Connected Events (Must become a Friend to see all)
Can view only the Connected Events (Must become a Friend to see all)
Can view all VISIBLE Chapters
Can view, modify and enter Chapters and Events
Can only View selected Chapters that are under review for certification

Chroniclers Circle - Grouping of Chroniclers that have a common Connection. A Chroniclers Circle is commonly used to create a special interest group. A member of a Circle does not have to be a Friend but someone with a similar interest to you. If your Friends aren't in the Circle they cannot see the Chapters and Events recorded by the Chroniclers in the Circle.

Some Examples of Chroniclers Circles:

  • Flying: A group of people that want to record and share their Flying adventures or perhaps just their interest in airplanes
  • Singers: People who want to share their singing experience. Choirs could create their own circle for their members.
  • Family: A circle just for family members so Friends can't see the more personal and private information.
  • Medical: Create a circle just for you and your Doctor to keep track of your visits and progress.
  • MyClub: If you're in a club, all the members keep could track of each others acheivements or meetings.
  • MyProject: Companies can track how a Project is progressing for each individual and the team.

Profile Types

Chronicler - Person who’s Life story is depicted by the Chapters and Events.
Normally the Chronicler enter’s their own Chapter Titles and Log Events.
Userid and Password login required.

Moderator - A chronicler can nominate a Moderator to enter Chapters and Event logs. A moderator is another Chronicler with their own Userid and Password. There can only be one (1) Moderator per Chronicler.

Event Connections -Chroniclers that share an Event based on Date, Time and Location.

Historian - Chapters can be verified by qualified Historians. Verified Chapters acquire a Validation symbol and can be seen by others if allowed.

General Information

User Profiles and Views: Each Login has a profile and can change the following:
Password, address (can be blank)

Home page view options:

Active Chapter:
default is Most Recent
Chapter and Event Summaries
Chapter, Event Summaries and Event Logs
Note: Above Views also apply when viewing another Chronicler’s Chapter.

Security options for Chapters: These options can be set per Chapter

Hidden (default):
Not visible to anyone except owning Chronicler and Moderator.
Visible to other Chroniclers logged into Kronircle.
Visible only to accepted Friends
No restrictions, non Chroniclers can also view. Visible to Search engines.
Note: Censorship restrictions may apply.

Friends: A Chronicler can nominate any other Chronicler as a Friend.

Views: Chapters and events can be viewed in any of the following ways:

Chronicler and Moderator:
Current/other Chapter
Event Summaries
Event Summary and Logs

Connectors (Chroniclers with Connections):
Event Summary and Event Logs that show as Connected
Selected Chapters and included Events:
All Chapters, Event Summary and Event Logs except Hidden


User Profile:

1. Privacy – Hidden or as per Chapter Privacy
2. Home page Chapter – Default is unassigned
Chapters (Groups):
Default Group name: unassigned
All events (logs) are attached to the unassigned group if none selected at creation