How to Use Kronircle

Update your Profile

Update your Profile with your preferences:

  • Add an avatar (photo)
  • Your philosophy on life (at this point in time)
  • Set a default location. This allows events to be entered very quickly and the Location can always be changed on the event later.
  • Set your preferred Privacy Settings.

Add a Chapter with a date range: A chapter can relate to any part of your life, the past, present and future, e.g. My School Days, My Current job, My Next Trip. If it's a Chapter for your School Days, then the date range might be fixed, a date range for your current job would have an end date in the future. The years are scrollable by clicking on the lower or upper year or you can simply enter the dates manually as DDMMYYYY.

Events in your life are then entered into the relevant Chapter but the date when the event occurred must fall within the date range of the Chapter.

Add an event to a Chapter in your life

Events by default go to drafts and you can move the event to any Chapter within the date range. If you select a Chapter, newly recorded events will be automatically placed into that Chapter so you don’t need to move the event.

Find Connections

You can search on names and become friends with others on the site or perhaps create a new Circle (your own social network), ask a select few to join. Perhaps add an event that you and some friends attended, a leaf will open to show you the number of connections for that event.
Of course if you set the match criteria in your profile to the entire year you’re going to get quite a few connections depending on location. (comparisons are done on specific Latitude and Longitude with a radius setting in your profile).

Record an Event

Title: Enter a brief description of the event, e.g. A great Concert

Short Description: Enter up to 150 words about what happened in your life, e.g. "I saw U2 peform in Sydney, it was fantastic. They still sound great after all these years."

When (optional): Enter a Date and Time as close as possible to the occurrence of the event. If you don't know the data and time, make your best guess as this helps to connect you with others that may have also been there.

If the date and time is not important or it only just happened, leave it and we will record the current Data and Time automatically.

Location: Select the Location button to enter where the Event took place. You will then see a Map display, enter an address or landmark of the event, e.g. Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Select the Validate button to see the Location on the Map and when you're happy you have the correct Location, click on the Select button to confirm.

Enter more details (optional): More Information Select the Plus Sign to add a picture, video, audio or a detailed description of the event.