Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Chapter?

A Chapter is the collective name for events in your life that are similar. For example, you could have a Chapter called Fishing and enter all your great fishing stories, including the one that got away!

Example Chapter names:

  • High School
  • House Hunting
  • Singing
  • Armed Forces
  • Flying
  • Jobs
  • My Cars
  • Medical
Can anyone else see my events and logs?

Yes but only if you allow it by setting the Security options for each Chapter. For example, the setting 'Hidden' on a Chapter hides those Events and Logs from everyone, including friends.

Via your profile you can also set a Global setting for all Chapters with one selection. There are two options within your profile as follows:

Hidden: All Chapters, events and logs will not be visible to anyone except you.
As Per Chapters: Privacy will be set as per your Security settings on each individual Chapter.

What is a connection?

A connection occurs when an event you have entered matches with another Chroniclers event. For example: perhaps you were all at the same New Year’s Eve Party or you all climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the same day and time.

Connections can be refined by specifying how close a match you want a connection to have. You could match with others based on the Location and Year or to be more specific, match on the Location, Year, Month and Day (recommended default).

What is a Chroniclers Circle?

A Chroniclers Circle can be used to create your own personal Social Network, i.e. you can decide on the Network of Chroniclers that have access to your circle. This is different from your friends that are permitted to see your Chapters, a Chroniclers Circle can be a select few or thousands depending on the collective interest. Here are some examples:

  • Music: Connect with like minded people that share their love of Music or Concerts they've seen.
  • Plane Spotting: If you have an interest in Aeroplanes, invite others to join your circle and share the great memories of planes and air shows you've seen.
  • Company Projects: Create a circle for the Project team so that all events within the Project are recorded for only those in the Project to see. Great for tracking projects tasks from anywhere in the world.
  • House Purchase: Create a circle for the purchase of a new House, invite Real Estate agents to join your circle and submit their offerings for you to review.

  • Ultimately, it's up to your imagination on how your Chroniclers Circle is used. When you create the Circle you are the Owner and have full control over who can join the circle and what they can add into the circle.