How can I use Kronircle?
Record all those important events in your life, when and where! See who else was at that event, concerts, parties, triathlons, fall of the Berlin wall! Kronircle will automatically connect you with others at the same event.
  • Manage Life's Events - record and manage all those interesting events in your life!
  • Write your autobiography - use our BookView© feature to review before publishing.
  • Parents can record all those special moments from their babies birth to adulthood.
  • Connect with people you met throughout your life: Events can be matched on date, time and location, how specific is up to you.
  • Businesses can record major events in their Companies growth or track their Projects.
  • Sporting groups can record all their great wins!
  • Clubs can record their meetings and members can follow the results.
  • Medical: Keep track of your visits to the Doctor or Dentist and only allow your current Physician to see your Medical history.
  • Travellers can record where they’ve been and where they are now. You can also plan a future trip and add the details later!
  • Sailing around the world? Let the world know where you are and what you’re doing now.
  • Education: Record what's happening in the World right now or enter History for a Class project.
  • Historical Artefacts: Museums can record significant events for their collection of artefacts.
Record your life for family and friends before the memories are lost! You decide what's private and what you share with the World.
Create a Chronicler's Circle© and only share with those you trust in the Circle!

Using this site is Free, we just don't want the special events in one's life to be lost or forgotten!
  • Important events in your World, present, past or future. Kronircle your life, the News around you or the history of an ancestor.
  • Share events with your friends or start a Chroniclers Circle for private or public viewing.
  • Multiple levels of security. Kronircle is free to use with no advertising. Event data and information belongs to the Chronicler and will never be distributed or sold.